Consent Information

(Important - Please read)

Your consent is required for any procedures that you may receive while in hospital.

Verbal consent is sometimes adequate, depending on the nature of the procedure, for example, taking bloods or administering medication. In other cases a written signature is required e.g. surgical procedures.

The consent form you are asked to sign should clearly state the nature of the procedures to be undertaken. To help you understand your treatment you will be given information about your care and any procedures you will undergo.

Any consequential risks should also be explained. This information should be given in a way that you understand. Please ask questions about your care/procedures or any medical terms you do not understand before you sign your consent form.

Some information booklets are available to help explain your condition/ procedure.

Generally, treatment should only be given to a patient with his or her informed consent or, in the case of a child, the consent of a parent or guardian. You may request the presence of a person or persons of your choosing during the procedure for granting consent.

Only in cases where a patient lacks the capacity to give or withhold consent, and where a qualified medical doctor determines that treatment is urgently necessary in order to prevent immediate or imminent harm, may treatment be given without informed consent.

You can withdraw your consent at any time.


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