What to Expect When You Arrive at A&E

1. Check-in:

Take a numbered ticket and fill in your details on the registration form, which is available in the waiting room. The receptionist will call you according to your ticket number.
You will be asked to provide :-

  • G.P. referral letter (if you present with a G.P. referral letter you are exempt form the Statutory fee of €100)
  • Your own details, e.g. address, telephone number etc
  • Details of any previous visit to Accident and Emergency or Out Patient Department
  • Medical card number and expiry date if applicable

2. Accident and Emergency Statutory fee:

Government Health Service Levy of €100, exemptions made upon presentation of the following;

  • Valid Medical Card
  • G.P. Referral Letter
  • Health Amendment Act Card (Ophthalmology Only)
  • Proof of serving member of the Irish Defence Forces (incl. Next of Kin)
  • Proof of serving member of An Garda Siochana (incl. Next of Kin)
  • European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)(Only applies to Non-Irish European Union members)

Please note: Presentation of private health insurance and/or optician referral letter are not accepted for exemption of the statutory government levy of €100. Statutory levy is waived for scheduled follow-up.


3. Triage:

Following check-in you will be seen and assessed by the triage nurse who will take a full history and assign a triage category. Triage means that patients are prioritised according to the urgency of their condition.

You will be seen according to your clinical priority and not your time of arrival.
Waiting times will vary from day to day, hour to hour, depending on the workload and staff levels.

Patients checked in after you may be treated before you depending on their clinical need and triage category.


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