RVEEH Services 2012

Service Population What service does this refer to?
Local   800,000 Primary Care Services: RVEEH provides primary care services to all listed South Dublin areas. Secondary Care Service: RVEEH provides secondary care services (medical/surgical – cataracts and basic lid procedures) referral services for  SVUH, SJH, Tallaght & Loughlinstown hospitals. Tertiarty Referral Centre: All complex diseases of the Eye requiring medical and/or surgical care including emergency service for acute retinal detachment
Regional (Mid-Leinster Region)   800,000 RVEEH acts as secondary and tertiary referral centre for Tullamore, Portlaoise and Mullingar Hospitals. Services provided as above.
Supra-Regional   800,000 RVEEH provides a dedicated Ophthalmology A&E Service (including acute retinal detachment service – also at MMH) for the Greater Dublin area.
National RVEEH is a national tertiary referral centre for services not provided elsewhere e.g. Uveitis, Ocular Oncology, Cornea & Strabismus. In the specialties of glaucoma, plastics and retina some of the procedures are only available at RVEEH. Neuro-ophthalmology is only available at RVEEH and Beaumont. Glaucoma is available in RVEEH, MMH and Galway.



Hospital Population Served
National Maternity Hospital   360,000
St. Vincent’s University Hospital >360,000
St. James’s Hospital >360,000
Royal Victoria Eye and Ear   800,000
St. Colmcille’s Hospital   160,000
Tullamore Hospital   160,000
Mullingar Hospital   160,000
Portlaoise Hospital   160,000