The Department of Otolaryngology / Head & Neck Surgery, Trinity College Dublin, is based at the Royal Victoria Eye & Ear Hospital and is headed by Professor Conrad Timon.

Students, who are studying medicine at Trinity College, are required to attend a biweekly rotation at the hospital. During that period, they spend time in the various out patients’ clinics, operating theatres, the ENT ward and the Accident & Emergency Department. Their timetables are structured to enable them to observe surgical specialists at work in every area of otolaryngology i.e. salivary gland pathology, thyroid and parathyroid and head and neck cancer. Lectures in speech therapy, audiology and physiotherapy are also a necessary part of the programme.

Upon completion of the rotation, the students have a comprehensive overview of the field of otolaryngology which they can then utilise for further study and research in the discipline.

Throughout the summer months a number of TCD medical students also attend the ENT department in the hospital as medical electives for four to eight weeks in duration.

Professor Timon supervises these medical electives and treats them as part of his team. Great care is given to ensuring that valuable medical information is imparted to these students on a one-to-one basis and on a level that they can comprehend. In this way the medical electives not only receive a wide-ranging knowledge base but also internalise the day-to-day workings of the hospital environment.


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The Department of Otolaryngology / Head & Neck Surgery, Trinity College Dublin