West Wing

DIRECT LINE 01 634 3657

We are an 28-bedded unit that specialises in Ophthalmic and ENT care. We care for adults and Children with Ear, Nose, Throat / Head and Neck, and Ophthalmic conditions. Specialist nursing staff are available at all times to care for you, educate and assist you during your stay with us.

The Unit consists of the following:

Ward 27– 8-bedded public ward alternates male and female as required.

Ward 28– 2-bedded Semi-Private/Special Care Unit as required – alternates male and female as required.

Ward 29– 4-bedded public ward alternates male and female as required.

Ward 30– 2-bedded semi-private ward. Alternates male and female as required.

Ward 16– 8-bedded public ward. Alternates male and female as required.

Ward 15– 2-beded semi-private ward. Alternates male and female as required. This ward is a children’s ward when required.

Ward 28 and 30 used if isolation required.



Direct line Ward 16:  01 664 4606

Nurses’ Station West Wing:01 634 3657

The allocation of childrens beds varies depanding on bed requirements.

At times when there are fewer admissions the children may be accommodated in single rooms on the Harvey Lewis Wing.

For a complete overview of the children’s ward:

application/pdf icon Children’s Ward Facilities


Harvey Lewis Wing

Direct phone line: 01 634 3655

The Harvey Lewis Wing is a private ward comprising of 9 single rooms. It was erected from funds generously requested by  Jane Isabell Lewis in 1925 and is called the Harvey Lewis Wing in memory of her husband.

Rooms 17 – 21 are located on the First Floor and rooms 23 – 26 are located on the Ground Floor. There is one room that facilitates parent and child admissions. The HLW nurses’ station is located on the ground floor corridor.

The Harvey Lewis Wing is in the West Wing of the Hospital.

The ward cares for patients with Ophthalmic and Ear, Nose, Throat, Head and Neck problems. Specialist Nursing Staff are available at all times to care for you, educate and assist you during your stay with us.


Each room has its own direct line. Mobile phones are permitted but must be turned off during doctors’ ward rounds or during treatment.


There is a television in each room. There is no additional charge for its use.

Day Care Unit

Pre-operative Assessment Unit and the Minor Procedure Unit are part of the Day Care Unit.

Direct Line: 01 664 4622/01 664 4617

Queries regarding your day case appointment: 01 664 4621/01 664 4624/01 664 4640.

The Day Care unit is located on the First Floor Corridor of the main Hospital. You can take the lift to the first floor and take a seat in the sitting room which is signposted. The Admission office staff will call you from this room.

The Department is staffed by a Clinical Nurse Manager (CNM2), a CNM 1, and their team of Nurses. The multidisciplinary team, provide care for both male and female patients requiring Eye or Ear, Nose, Throat and Head and Neck surgery.

Day of admission

You should carefully follow the fasting guidelines that you have received, remembering that “fasting” means nothing to eat or drink.

  • Please have a shower/bath prior to admission to the Hospital.
  • You are reminded not to bring valuables or jewellery including body-piercing jewellery into Hospital.
  • You are requested not to wear makeup, eye makeup and nail varnish as this can interfere with equipment in the operating theatre or mask your natural colouring and appearance.
  • Please note that you may need to spend all day in Hospital.
  • If you require a medical certificate, please inform staff on admission.

What should you bring with you?

  • Glasses (if worn)
  • Hearing Aid (if worn)
  • Dressing gown and basic toiletries
  • Your current medicines in their origional packaging and a current prescription from your GP
  • If you are under the age of sixteen you must be accompanied by a parent or guardian as they will be required to sign your Consent Form


If you are being put asleep for surgery or if you are having surgery on your eye and require an eye pad, you must make arrangements to be collected and escorted home from the Hospital.

There is no parking available in the Hospital grounds but you may be collected from the front hall if we know in advance.

If you are given a prescription for medication these can be obtained from your own pharmacist.  It is important that you follow instructions regarding your prescribed drugs or medications.

Please make sure that you have received instructions regarding follow-up visits to the Hospital and/or prescription.

The day care unit is open at 08:00 every morning Monday to Friday.