What You Need To Bring With You

  • Medical card holders bring medical card number and expiry date.
  • Public self paying patients – payable on admission €80 per day government levy up to a maximum of €800 in a rolling year. If this charge has been paid in part to any other hospital within the previous 12 months, please bring evidence of payment with your e.g. receipt. Patients intending to cover the government levy via their health insurance should bring details of their provider and policy number.
  • Your current prescription medications and devices (e.g. inhalers, glucometers with supplies, etc). If you require a breathing device at night, (e.g. BiPap) please bring in all the equipment and connections required.
  • If you have films (i.e. MRI, CT scans) from another hospital please bring them with you on admission.
  • Night clothing, dressing gown and slippers.
  • Any mobility aids that you use.
  • Toiletries including any special soaps or creams, razors, toothpaste etc.
  • Towels.
  • Your mobile phone charger.
  • Books/ magazines or something to pass the time.
  • Your PPS number, medical card and other insurance details.
  • If you require special diet our kitchen staff will endeavour to accommodate you.

Personal Belongings

The Hospital Authorities are not responsible for any valuables, money or other articles in your possession.

Please leave jewellery and large sums of money at home. In the event of valuables being inadvertently brought to the Hospital they should be handed to the Clinical Nurse Manager who will arrange for their safe custody and provide a receipt for items deposited.

If you retain personal items, e.g. walkman etc., for your own use in hospital, please be aware of the possibility of theft and take particular care of your belongings as the hospital cannot be responsible if items are lost or stolen. Do not leave your bag unattended when you leave your ward/room.

Who will you meet?

Nursing team: Provide care and treatment during your stay.

Doctors: Provide your medical care during your stay.

Care Assistants: Assist nursing staff with your care and attend to some household duties.

If surgery is required:

Theatre nurse: A nurse who cares for you while you are asleep and assists the surgeon.

Surgeon: Performs your surgery.

Recovery room nurses: Take care of you immediately after surgery.

If suitable, one of the following professionals may also be involved in your care: Physiotherapist, Speech and Language Therapist, Clinical Nutritionist and Medical Social Worker.


  • Please inform staff of any medications you are taking at present including contraceptives.
  • Please bring your medications and devices (e.g. inhalers, tablets, syrups etc) with you to the hospital.
  • If you are on any medication please bring these with you in their original boxes (not in a pill organiser). You are required to bring a printed copy of your current prescription with you. This can be obtained from your community pharmacist or your GP.
  • Check if you have any known drug allergies and ensure you know the correct name of the drug.
  • If you have a latex allergy, please inform us prior to your admission so we can make the necessary arrangements.
  • If convalescence has been arranged for you, you are requested to bring in enough medication for the duration of your stay up to discharge from convalescence.
  • Please inform us immediately if you or any family member at home with you have had vomiting or diarrhoea, colds or flu’s in the two weeks prior to admission. Also please inform us if you have ever had M.R.S.A.

Arrangements for discharge

On the morning of discharge, you will be asked to vacate your bed by 11:00.

Prescriptions, patient education and Outpatient follow up appointments will be arranged for you on the morning of discharge.

Information leaflets regarding your condition and treatments may be available, please check with a member of staff.

Please inform staff if you will need a letter for work or social welfare certificate on discharge. Remember you will need your PPS number.

If possible, prior to your admission please arrange someone to collect you on discharge.