Nurse Education Department

The School of Nursing has been in existence since the 1940’s, initially involved in providing both pre-registration and post registration programme in nursing studies and, since the early 1980s, predominantly involved in post graduate programmes.

The School has had a primary role in the provision of postgraduate specialist nursing programmes nationwide; this has been largely due to the nature of the specialty in the two disciplines and the corresponding pool of expertise in nursing/medical/paramedical personnel.

School of Nursing mission statement

The School of Nursing is a specialist centre of nurse education with focus on the Ophthalmic and ENT-HN domain of nursing practice.

Our mission is to provide high quality education that develops competent, reflective, critical thinking and caring health care professionals. The accomplishment of this mission is dependent upon utilising current nursing research findings and collaborating with other health care professionals to improve the service to the patients in our care.

The department strives to be a centre of excellence. By using a collaborative approach with third level partners, statutory and regulatory bodies and healthcare professionals:

  • We promote a climate of learning and development that will facilitate the acquisition of skills, knowledge and competence necessary for best practice in service/care delivery.
  • We acknowledge the differing requirements of staff and course participants and endeavour to provide experiential learning that is appropriate and meaningful to the individual environment of practice.
  • We aim to foster an atmosphere of shared learning and resources that extends into practice in the wider healthcare community.

The School of Nursing staff provide learner support to all nursing staff undertaking programmes of study, specifically courses which prepare nurses for specialist and advanced practice roles. Additionally, staff are actively supported when undertaking programmes provided by other agencies.

The Hospital also facilitates pre-registration clinical placements and post registration placements for the Postgraduate Diploma in Nursing Studies (Emergency Nursing) and the Masters of Science in Nursing Programme (Emergency Nurse Practitioner).

An extensive continuing nurse education programme is provided for the professional development of all nurses working in the Hospital. The overall aim of continuing nurse education programmes is to improve patient care, increase job satisfaction, raise morale and contribute to the professional development of the nurse.

The Department is affiliated to the Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery at Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. We also have links with the Centre of Nurse Education at St. Vincent’s University Hospital.

Nationally, we stage Annual Nursing onferences in Ophthalmology (Spring) and Ear Nose and Throat (Autumn). We also run Study weeks for both disciplines.

What is available for staff:

  • In-service education programmes
  • Mandatory training including:
    • Moving and Handling
    • Basic Life Support

Third level education programmes

  • Postgraduate Diploma in ENT-HN Nursing
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Ophthalmic Nursing

Postgraduate Diploma in Nursing Studies (RCSI, NUI)

Course Description:

The Postgraduate Diploma in Nursing Studies is offered jointly by the Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and the Nursing Department, Royal Victoria Eye & Ear Hospital. The programme is designed to facilitate Nurses to acquire advanced theory based education using a modular structure to provide specialist nursing care in a variety of clinical settings. Following completion of the programme (of 51 weeks duration), the student will be eligible for a Postgraduate Diploma Award in Nursing in the specialist area of Ophthalmic Nursing or Ear, Nose and Throat Nursing.

Course Structure:

The theoretical content will be dispersed throughout the programme and lectures will be facilitated at both the Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery, RCSI and at the School of Nursing, Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital.

Learning activities will be provided both in the clinical and classroom setting. Clinical experience will be facilitated in a variety of locations by rotation of placements. Core modules will commence in September.

Entry Requirements:


  • The candidate must fulfil the National University of Ireland (NUI) entry requirements and be eligible for matriculation
  • The candidate must be a registered Nurse/Midwife or eligible for registration as such with An Bord Altranais
  • The candidate is required to hold a primary degree/diploma or equivalent which may include possible combinations of clinical nursing experience and previous studies (each candidate’s application will be considered on an individual basis)

Students who do not exactly meet the academic requirements will be assisted to gain access to the programme by completing a pathway module


  • A minimum of six month’s experience as a registered Nurse/Midwife is required.
  • Previous experience appropriate to the specialist area of the programme is desirable
  • An interview will be required


Fees for the full programme will be paid by the applicant’s employing authority.

Application Procedure

Applications will be processed jointly through the Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and the School of Nursing, Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital.

Application forms should be returned to:

Nursing Administration,

Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital,

Adelaide Rd.

Dublin 2.

Tel:01 664 4652/664 4600

Whilst every effort will be made to facilitate the employment of successful candidates on the staff of the Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital, prospective applicants should consider the possibility of secondment by current employer for the course duration.

Further information and advice may be obtained from:

Sabrina Kelly
Nurse Education & Practice Development Co-ordinator
Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital
Adelaide Rd.
Dublin 2.
Tel:01 664 4652/664 4600

Microsuction Course

NMBI Accredited Microsuction Education Course for Healthcare Professionals.

CEU points: 13

Theoretical Session: 6 hours inclusive of practice with mannequin head.

Shadowing Session: 2x clinic sessions shadowing CNS in OPD/ED

Please contact for further information.

Other Programmes

For details of Specialist Study weeks and other short courses, please contact Nursing Administration.