Haemovigilance is a quality process which aims to increase safety in Transfusion from donor to recipient (Faber,2004).The EU Directive 2002/98/EC has provided a legislative mandate for Haemovigilance (NHO,2004).The Directive 2002/98/EC requires :

  • Full Traceability of Blood Components (Article 14).
  • Mandatory reporting of adverse reactions and events (Article 15)
  • The provision of a quality Haemovigilance System.

What we do

The Haemovigilance Department in the Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital (RVEEH) perform the following:

  • Develop and implement evidence based guidelines.
  • Haemovigilance education and inductions for all staff involved in Transfusion.
  • Quality Improvements through Clinical Audit.
  • Risk Management/Adverse Event/Reactions Reporting provide systemic methods of monitoring processes.

Contact details

Suzanne Sharpe

Ph: 0873605000


If you have any concerns about your Blood Transfusion in the Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital, please speak to your doctor or Nurse or contact the Haemovigilance Officers above.