Medical Social Work

There are times when changes to health can also bring changes to the needs of the patient, their family and carers. Patients and their support network may require support with coping and adjusting to these changes. Alongside the Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT), the Medical Social Worker (MSW) may assist by offering emotional, psychological, social or practical support for the patient and their loved ones.

The Medical Social Worker provides a safe, confidential and supportive service. The MSW can offer:

  • Support to both Ophthalmology and ENT, in-patients and out-patients of all ages respectively, as well as patients presenting at the Emergency Department, when required.
  • Psychosocial assessments assessing the patient’s emotional, social, environmental and care needs. Home-visits can also be arranged and completed by the MSW and community PCT support services.
  • Care and Discharge Planning; arranging and completing referrals for post-surgery supports and services such as convalescent care, the NCBI, PCT, PHN, Audiology Services, Cancer support services, Mental health services, Medical Cards, Meals in Wheels, Home Care Packages, pendent alarms etc. This also involves highlighting and completing referrals regarding patients’ needs for aids and appliances.
  • Guidance  providing information about available support agencies , counseling options and future care options such as sheltered housing or the process of a Fair Deal Application;
  • Facilitation & Mediation; arranging family meetings, MDT and case conferences when required for case discussion and progression.
  • Support surrounding the Protection of Patients; As the Designated Liaison Person (DLP) , the MSW is responsible for dealing with reported issues concerning Child Protection and Welfare as well as any issues surrounding the Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults that are brought to our attention. The MSW should be contacted immediately regarding any concerns surrounding any patient’s safety and welfare.
  • Advocacy ;exploring and addressing queries surrounding social welfare payments and entitlements for patients and their carers ,assisting patients with applications for financial grants and with welfare queries surrounding the Treatment Abroad Scheme.


  • Referrals to MSW are primarily made by Nursing staff, members of Medical teams or MDT’s with the patient’s consent.
  • Patients can at any stage ask nurses and/or doctors to request for the MSW to speak with them.
  • Patients or family members can also contact the Social Work Department directly to make an appointment or discuss their queries over the phone
  • Please do not hesitate to contact me, leave a voicemail or email me with any queries or concerns

Senior Medical Social Worker: Deirdre McLoughlin

Medical Social Work Opening Hours: Monday & Wednesday 08:00 – 14:00

Tuesday & Thursday   08:00 – 15:45

Friday                            08:00 – 13:00

Direct Tel: (01) 634 3608

Contact Ext: (01) 664 4600 Ext: 5028 Bleep: 60