This department is situated at the back of the hospital. It is possible to access this department from all entrances. Wheelchair access is via the Accident and Emergency entrance on Adelaide Road only.

What to bring to your Outpatient appointment:

Your glasses– both distance and reading A list of your regular drugs, drops and ointments On your visit, your pupils may need to be dilated. If so, you will be advised not to drive for approximately six hours or until your pupils have returned to normal.

If you are unable to attend for your appointment or need to change it for any reason please contact the Hospital us as soon as possible.

Telephone: 01 664 4600.

An Adult must accompany all children. It is important that children are closely supervised at all times as many patients attending the department are visually impaired. Play Volunteers are present in the clinics on Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning.

Please aim to arrive at the Hospital at your appointed time. The duration of your appointment can not be predetermined as it is dependent on what tests, examinations and treatments are required.

It is usually best to allocate a full half-day towards your appointment.

As we are a Teaching Hospital, medical students are, on occasions, in attendance at Outpatient Department Clinics. You may be asked if one of these students, under supervision, may examine you and review your case notes. The decision to permit this is that of the patient.

On arrival at the Outpatients Department

You must check in at the appropriate reception desk where you will be given further directions.

You will have your vision checked by a nurse or doctor at each visit.

After your tests have been performed, you may require dilating drops to be put in your eyes to enable further examination.

You may be given a prescription, which you can obtain at your own local pharmacy. It’s important that you follow instructions regarding your prescribed drops and medicines.

Information leaflets are available in the waiting area – please check with a member of staff if there is one relating to your condition and treatment.

On leaving the clinic please ensure that you make your follow-up appointment if necessary.

Did not attend (D.N.A.) Hospital policy

Due to the every increasing demand for our service, patients who fail to attend, without notification, to their appointment on two consecutive occasions will be discharged from the service. A written notification will be sent to both the patient and the referring practitioner. To re-attend the patient will have to provide another G.P. referral and be placed on the waiting list for re-appointment.

Could not attend (C.N.A.) Hospital policy