The Operating Theatre Department consists of 5 theatres, 3 Ophthalmic Theatres and 2 ENT-HN Theatres with a Recovery Unit.

You will be cared for by specialist Ophthalmic and ENT-HN Medical and Nursing staff, who have undergone extensive specialised training in conjunction with the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.

The Operating Theatre staff have responsibility for elective and emergency services for the local community and the 26 counties providing a 24 hour Ophthalmic and ENT-HN Theatre on call service.

The Theatre Department undertakes c. 7,000 procedures per annum and caters for children and adults both in the Day Care Unit and our Inpatient Service.

The daily theatre lists consists of a morning theatre session, which operates from 08:30 – 12:30 and an afternoon list from 13:00 – until 17:00 for elective cases from Monday to Friday.

These theatre sessions facilitate twelve Ophthalmic lists and five ENT-HN lists. Whilst we endeavour to facilitate a schedule for elective surgical cases, emergency cases will take preference.


The PACU is the area where patients recover from the immediate effects of anaesthesia and surgery and provides a setting for the detection and treatment of early post-operative complications.

We are located directly across the corridor from both the ENT-HN Theatre and the Ophthalmic Theatres. There are six open bays, each fully equipped with the latest monitoring equipment and where patients remain under constant supervision.

The length of stay in the PACU varies from person to person, depending on the type of surgery and type of anaesthesia. The average length of stay following general anaesthesia is approximately one hour. The patient will continue to be observed until fit for discharge to the ward area.

Visiting in the PACU is restricted. As the average stay in the unit is minimal, visitors are asked to wait in the Ward until the patient returns there. The only exceptions to this policy are parents/guardians who are permitted access once their child is awake.