After Action Review: An effective Quality Improvement

After Action Review: An effective Quality Improvement

Professor Anthony Cunningham, Medical director, Galway clinic
Mark McCullagh MSc, MPSI Clinical Risk Advisor, State Claims Agency


Dispensary Services

The dispensary service provided ensures that medicines are supplied promptly, safely and cost effectively to:

  • All inpatients / wards.
  • Selected groups of outpatients and patients at discharge.

The dispensary service encompasses the essential activities of:

  • Processing all requests for Pharmacy Department items received through the Ward Pharmacy Service.
  • Purchasing and distributing all Pharmacy Department items including the sourcing of unusual medication.
  • Extemperous dispensing.

Aseptic Services

Manufacturing sterile products i.e. formulations of drugs, eye drops and injections not available commercially in a dedicated clean room area.

Medicines Information

The Medicines Information service promotes the safe, effective and economic use of medicines by the provision of up-to-date, accurate and adequate information and advice to healthcare professionals. The service provides information on indications, dosage and administration, contra-indications and precautions, adverse effects and drug interactions, drug use in pregnancy, lactation and renal or hepatic impairment.

application/pdf icon Patient Medication List.


Dispensary direct line (01) 634 3693
Office (01) 634 3640
Fax (01) 664 4688