Where to go

The Ear Nose and Throat/Head & Neck Outpatient Department is located on the ground floor (Level 0) of the main hospital building. This may be accessed via the main hospital entrance on Adelaide Road. Please note that the main hospital entrance is not wheelchair accessible. For patients or visitors requiring wheelchair access please use the Adelaide Road Accident and Emergency entrance. To proceed to the ENTHN Outpatient Department please take the main hospital lift from the lower ground floor (Level -1) of the main building to the ground floor (Level 0). Turn left on exiting lift to proceed to ENTHN Outpatient Department.

What you need to bring with you

  • List of current medications
  • Scans ordered on a previous visit
  • If you have hearing difficulties, it might be helpful if you bring a friend or relative with you

About the department

It is advisable to allow up to half a day for a visit. This is to facilitate any procedures or consultations needed.

If you are under sixteen you must be accompanied by your parent/ legal guardian.

As we are a Teaching Hospital, medical students are, on occasions, in attendance at Outpatient Department Clinics. You may be asked if one of these students, under supervision, may examine your condition and review your case notes. The decision to permit this is that of the PATIENT.

A doctor will assess you and may order various tests. If scans are ordered these are done at St. Vincent’s University Hospital and St James Hospital on a date arranged by them.

On leaving

Please ensure that you make your follow-up appointment if necessary.


If you are given a prescription for medicines, sprays, drops, these can be obtained from your own pharmacist or any community pharmacy. It is important that you follow instructions regarding your prescribed drops and medicines.

Information Leaflets regarding your condition and treatment may be available in the waiting area – please check with a member of staff.

Did not attend (D.N.A.) Hospital policy

Due to the ever increasing demand for our service, patients who fail to attend their appointment on two consecutive occasions without notifying the hospital will be discharged from the service. A written notification will be sent to both the patient and the referring practitioner. To re-attend the patient will have to provide another G.P. referral and be placed on the waiting list for re-appointment.