Our Emergency GP Liaison Service was set up to improve communications and provide a DIRECT LINK between our Emergency department and GPs on behalf of patients. The Emergency GP Liaison Nurse (GPLN) provides a central, efficient and timely communication link to G.P.’s and other Primary Providers.

GPs can access this service if they want a patient to be examined by a doctor in Emergency or if they simply need information regarding follow up, test results, outcomes or information regarding the most appropriate referral pathway.

GP’s should contact GP Liaison Nurse if you have concerns regarding a patient you are referring, or any patient who has already attended the Emergency Department. The GPLN will provide a link to an Emergency Doctor if necessary.

Emergency GP Liaison Nurse
Hours of work
Tues/Thurs/Fri – 10:00 – 16:15
Mobile: 086 852 0846 Fax: 01 634 3647

email: gp.liaison@rveeh.ie

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