• For your convenience have you considered alternatives to Emergency Department, such as your local optician, Optometrist or GP?
  • Community Ophthalmologists are operating at The Ranelagh Eye clinic, The Vista Eye clinic Naas, Medical Optics in Fairview & in Bray.
  • These services have an ophthalmologist on site and will accept medical cards – see contact details below for community services.


There is currently NO WALK IN SERVICE

All patients especially those with non-urgent conditions are advised if possible to contact their GP or Optician prior to contacting the emergency department.

Your GP or Optician can refer you to the emergency department by sending a referral via Healthlink or by emailing a referral to ed.reception@rveeh.ie please ensure your correct mobile phone number/landline phone number is on the referral.

If you have an eye emergency, you will be triaged over the phone by a member of the medical team and an appointment may be made for you depending on the urgency of your condition.

To speak with a member of the triage team please call: 01-6644600

Patients that present outside the emergency department with Chemical injuries/ Penetrating eye injuries should alert security staff immediately so that their care can be prioritised.

Ophthalmic telephone triage is provided from:

8am-17:00am Monday – Friday and 9am-17:00 Sat-Sun

For eye emergencies outside of these hours please contact your GP

Out of hours GP Northside Call D-DOC 1850 22 44 77

Out of hours GP Southside: Call EDOC 01-2234500

Or attend your nearest emergency department service. Patients can be accepted outside of the above hours by doctor to doctor agreement only. Please ask your doctor to contact the Ophthalmologist on call on 01-6644600 for urgent advice.

If you have had recent eye surgery within the past month and you require urgent advice outside of these hours, please call 01-6644600 and ask to speak with the nurse in charge.

There is a €100 government levy charge for those attending without a GP or optician referral letter.
There is no age limit for Ophthalmology patients, but some younger children may in some cases be better served in a paediatric setting (For example: Neonatal babies should be referred back to neonatal service). Children under 16 years must be accompanied by a parent / guardian.

Your GP can contact the Emergency department GP Liaison Nurse for advice regarding your care by calling 0868520846 (office hours Tuesday and Thursday only 8:30-6pm)

Community Ophthalmology services:

Vista Eye Clinic 22-26 Sanford road, Ranelagh, Dublin 6, phone number 01-4986920

Vista Eye Clinic Primary care centre Ballymore Eustace road Naas, Co Kildare, phone number: 045-881000

Website: vistaeyeclinic.com

Medical Optics 2-3 Castle Street Bray, Co Wicklow, phone number : 01-2828065

Medical Optics Fairview, Dublin 3, phone number: 01-8057076

Website: www.medicaloptics.ie

Ear Nose and Throat Emergency Department

Direct referral via

  1. GP referral via Health mail
  2. Emergency healthcare phone number- 01-6644600. A member of the ENT Medical team will phone you back.

Opening Hours

Monday- Friday 09.00hr-16.00hr. Closed Saturday and Sunday and Bank Holiday.

The RVEEH ENT ED is a dedicated specialist service for patients over the age of 14years with urgent ENT conditions
The service is designed to treat patients with acute ENT conditions as outlined below

  1. Acute bleeding from the ear, nose or throat
  2. Acute infection of the ear such as otitis externa
  3. Acute tonsil abscess or quinsy
  4. Acute hearing loss

Patients with symptoms suspicious of Head and Neck Malignancy will be seen, assessed and referred as appropriate to a dedicated Head and Neck consultant.

Patients with non-urgent ENT conditions should be referred to an ENT OPD by their GP.

Any child under the age of 14years must be referred to a paediatric hospital for ENT assessment.

ED ENT does not provide an ear- wax removal service.

ED Nurse Led Micro-suction Clinic
For ear conditions requiring micro-suction, please refer to Nurse Led Micro-Suction Clinic in ED. This service is available Tuesday and Friday 09.00-13.00hr.