The Accident and Emergency Department provides an EMERGENCY care service for Eye, Ear, Nose, Throat, Head and Neck (ENT-HN) conditions.

Referral form must be completed and given to the patient to bring to A&E. We ask that you use our speciality specific referral forms or ensure that the information requested in them is integrated into your own referral letter.

OPD Referrals should be FAXED (01 678 5462) OR POSTED. Please do not give OPD referral letters to patients as they often inadvertently end up attending the A&E department.

There is no age limit but some younger children may in some cases be better served in a paediatric setting. Contact the A&E department on the numbers provided below if in any doubt.

If you have concerns regarding a patient you wish to refer or who is already attending the A&E department, please contact the Accident and Emergency G.P. Liaison Nurse (Liaison Nurse Details) who will provide you with a direct link to an A&E doctor if necessary.


Accident and Emergency Department Phone: 01 708 8516 Fax: 01 678 5462

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