Orthoptic Department

The term Orthoptic means ‘straight eyes’, originating from the Greek words ‘orth’, meaning straight, and ‘optics’, which relates to the eye.

An Orthoptist is an allied health professional involved in the assessment, diagnosis and management of disorders of ocular motility, binocular vision and visual development in children.

The Orthoptic Department provides clinical support for all ophthalmic teams within the hospital.

We are located in the Outpatient Department and are open during normal outpatient hours.


Ms. Clare Sheehan – Head Orthoptist
Mr. Tony McAleer – Clinical Specialist Orthoptist
Ms. Lorraine O’Keeffe – Senior Orthoptist

Orthoptics as a career:

The Orthoptic degree programme is a 3 year course based at either the University of Liverpool or the University of Sheffield, or, from 2012,  a 4 year degree in Glasgow (Honours degrees generally last 4 years in Scotland). The course provides both theoretical teaching and clinical experience in approved hospitals. For more information on the courses, see the links below or contact the Head Orthoptist.

Refer a patient to the Orthoptic Department:

Patients are routinely referred from consultant outpatient clinics for Orthoptic assessment.

Public Health Nurses and Area Medical Officers can refer children who fail vision screening to the Orthoptic screening clinic for assessment if they fall within the catchment area of the hospital, i.e., Dublin South City and Dublin South East HSE areas.Those who fail the exit school screening (6th class) are encouraged to attend their local optician.

Referral criteria should be those as outlined in Best Health for Children (2005) guidelines