The Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital was established by the Dublin Eye and Ear Hospital Act, 1897. The Act sets out the governance structure for the Hospital.

The Hospital is a registered charity – Charities Registration Number 20002374 (CHY 1604).

Hospital Council

The Council is comprised of a maximum 20 members. The Council governs the Hospital and is responsible for the financial performance, the quality of its healthcare services, research and education and integration of services with other healthcare providers. The Council delegates executive and operational responsibilities to the management team. The Council meets monthly during the year, except in January, April and August.

Members of the Council are:

  • Ms Aisling Dodgson  – President                        (Member since March 2019) *(1)
  • Mr Ashton Dallsingh                                            (Member since March 2022)
  • Prof. Jane Farrar                                                   (Member since March 2021)
  • Mr Frank Fenn                                                       (Member since March 2019) *(1)
  • Ms Susan Gilvarry                                                (Member since March 2015) * (2) (3)
  • Ms Elaine Hanly                                                    (Member since March 2012) *(4)
  • Mr Leo Harmon                                                     (Member since March 2022)
  • Mr Stephen Hone                                                  (Member since March 2015)
  • Prof Dara Kilmartin                                               (Member since March 2012)
  • Dr. Deirdre McCoy                                                 (Member since March 2022)
  • Ms Geraldine Murphy                                           (Member since March 2022) *(4)
  • Dr Stephen Murphy                                               (Member since March 2018) * (2)
  • Dr. Denise Rohan                                                  (Member since January 2022)
  • Mr Shane O’Sullivan                                             (Member since March 2022) *(2)

Ex-Officio Members:

  • The Lord Mayor of Dublin – Alison Gilliland
  • Dublin City Councillor – Mr Paddy McCartan

In attendance:

  • Mr Donal Brosnahan  – Accountable Officer and Clinical Director
  • Mr Tommy Bracken
  • Director of Finance and Organisation Services

* Denotes Member of the following committee

(1) Finance Committee (2) Audit and Risk Committee (3) Ethics and Medical Research Committee (4) Quality and Safety Committee

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