Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we have deferred all cataract outpatient (OPD) appointments, cataract surgeries and post-operative cataract appointments. This is to ensure that we adhere to the social distancing guidelines to help reduce the spread of the virus.

We understand that the cancellation of your appointment can be stressful for you we are asking for your patience and understanding in this difficult time.

To help you with your queries we have produced the following frequently asked questions and answers to help you while waiting for your next appointment.

When will I get a new cataract OPD appointment?

We want to assure you that our hospital appointment staff are working hard to ensure that all patients who have been cancelled during this time will receive a new appointment as soon as possible.

When will my cataract surgery be rescheduled?

We will reschedule your surgery as soon as possible but this will depend on how the Covid-19 outbreak will develop in Ireland. Any delay in cataract surgery will not damage your eye.

I had cataract surgery a few weeks ago and my post-operative appointment was cancelled. What should I do?

A doctor or nurse will telephone you for a post-operative review. During this telephone consultation we will address the following:

  1. Your vision
  2. Eye comfort
  3. Post-operative eye drops
  4. Other concerns that you may have

If you are happy with the result of your cataract surgery and you have no post-operative issues then we can discharge you to your local optician or we can book you for cataract surgery to the other eye.

When can I change my glasses?

You can change your glasses 6 weeks after your cataract surgery. If you change them too early your eye may not have settled down enough and you would almost certainly have to change them again. Try to be patient especially if you are frustrated that you cannot read with your eye. It does take time for the eye to recover from surgery. Reading glasses will usually be required after cataract surgery. You can purchase cheap reading glasses online. You will not damage your eyes if you use cheap reading glasses.

You can arrange an appointment with your local optician. Some local opticians are open for emergency and essential eye care, we suggest that you check times in advance of your visit. If you can manage your daily tasks with your old glasses please consider whether you can avoid unnecessary journey.

Do I need to have any stitches removed?

Cataract surgery usually does not require stitches. If you were informed that a stitch was used most of the stitches that we use dissolve, but on occasions they can become loose and can cause irritation. If your eye become red and irritated you should contact the Eye and Ear Hospital Accident and Emergency Department.

Please contact the hospital immediately on the number below if you experience increase pain, increasing redness, increasing sensitivity to light, discharge from the eye or complete/sudden loss of vision in the eye.


Royal Victoria Eye & Ear Hospital, Emergency Department
01 664 4600
Monday- Friday 0800hrs – 2000hrs
Saturday – Sunday 0800hrs – 1700hrs